Ways to contact us when you have become a member:

A quick question

Use our email or send us a letter or call us during our telephone hours. On the telephone you will normally be guided by our law students. And if you already have a caseworker then sending an email to the caseworker is far better. Your caseworker will never answer the telephone.

Always only a copy

If you decide to come to our office or send us a letter, you will get the best help, if you only give us copies of all your relevant documents, including the lease. We don’t want to receive original documents.

Danish Tenants

We are an interest group working in the interests of tenants, thereby working to ensure healthy and good housing at a price people can afford.

We only support and give legal advice to members of Danish Tenants. In this way members can get legal advice in all matters concerning their rented home.

The membership fee covers one household, and you pay 680 DKK for the first 3 months of the membership.

After the first 3 months the membership fee is 290 DKK, and the membership fee is paid every quarter.

We don’t charge any extra fees, when we assist members

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Who is helping

At our offices in Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus and Odense we have a group of Masters of Law employed, which are supported by a large group of voluntary law students.

What are we doing

The cases we most commonly work with are cases witch typically involve moving out, disrepair or the size of the rent and other similar problems regarding the law on rent. For instance, our help to you can be legal advice which you yourself can use in correlation with your problems with the owner. We can also write a letter to your landlord on your behalf, or we can ask the rent control board to hear your case.

Furthermore we can help you by getting someone else to take a look at your care. This could be a situation where it is necessary to take legal action in court and your case will need an actual lawyer.